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Partner, Director of Operations

Your classic overdressed middle child. Can throw an epic party. Detail & Design Focused. Was a busboy for his first wedding in 1997, at the age of 12 (paid under the table due to pesky child labor laws) Prior to co founding Co Hospitality Mac managed restaurants and events for the Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental New York.


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Director of Sales

Sleeps in a cocktail dress. Was given too much attention as a child. Hundred bucks, she is nicer than you are. Prior to joining Comparti Joy was with the Hillstone Restaurant Group. 

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Partner / Sommelier

The Queen of finding hidden gems. “Holy S#*t! This wine is actually good” – overheard at a 2016 wedding due to Tamy’s selections. Has never turned down a dance party. Also, might call you out if you aren’t dancing.

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Partner and Executive Chef

Cleans up real nice, this one. The godfather of Co Hospitality. A real Don. Some say his party days are over, some say they are just getting started . Loves to take people on Tequila and Rum flights, except with full portions which is a real corporate liability we are trying to address.

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Head Chef

The daughter of two chefs, Lauren grew up in the business. She is gluten free, but don’t worry, she’ll tell you. In love with an Australian, that she met at a bar in Canada, with her mother (true story) Makes a mean popover.   

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Winter 2017 New York Weddings

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Event Mates's Partner Spotlight

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Bitten's 2016 Conference